What We Do

The Sussex Area Service Club is a group of like-minded individuals looking to improve the community we live in. Formed in 2016, the club has a membership base located in Sussex, Lisbon and several surrounding communities. Our mission is to find needs in our community and to deliver solutions, be it donations or thru volunteer service work. Our club is a diverse group, with many skills that get things done in a timely manner. All monies raised are given back to the community, with any administrative expenses covered by the club’s membership dues. 

 Community Organizations and Programs We Support

Community and Major Projects

Community Health and Welfare 

The Sussex Area Service Club aims to meaningfully contribute to the well-being of Sussex-area residents.

We engage in community outreach services through various avenues including annual events and ad-hoc requests. Some of the key services provided include meal drives, moving donations, moving assistance, and minor home or auto repairs.  We thrive on collaboration with other service groups and churches to best serve the needs of recipients.

The Sussex Area Service Club proudly supports the Sussex Outreach Services (SOS) and Blessings in a Backpack with reoccurring annual pledges.

We collaborate with SOS and other service clubs to conduct two annual food drives at local grocers to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for families in the Sussex Hamilton School District. Excess donations are given to SOS for ongoing needs. 

If you would like to support our mission or are in need of assistance, please contact us at sussexareaserviceclub@gmail.com